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TressAllure Specials - Shay

TressAllure Specials - Shay

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CODE: F1706 | 100% Modacrylic Effortless™ Fiber
Colors Shown: Dark Amber and Sugar Brulee


What Is It?
A low density stylish pixie cut shag with a hand-knotted mono top, and extended lace front. This wispy shag has a modish extended nape and enough length on the sides to frame the face or tuck behind your ears. The hand-knotted undetectable mono top and ear-to-ear lace front lets you part the hair in any direction or pull back off your face.

Why Is It Different?
Special hand-knotting at the top and hairline looks like hair is growing right out of your scalp. Feathered layers give you a high-style shag without the weight usually associated with other wigs.

Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants a style that is easy to wear, easy to maintain and the comfort that only a TressAllure® mono top and lace front wig can provide.

Complete Care Instructions and matching wig cap liner come with all TressAllure® wigs.

TressAllure ® Quality Assurance: TressAllure ® uses only the finest soft pliable cap materials and our effortless synthetic fiber for a product that will continue to look beautiful after multiple washings. TressAllure ® After Care Products Recommended For Optimal Results

Cap: Average 21½“
Hair Length: 4-7“
Fringe: 4-5¼“
Nape: 4“
Weight: 2.75 oz

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